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Backfire with Colby Jansen and Mike De Marko

Jansen’s dick jerked inside my mouth and he just knew Mike De Marko was getting ready to explode. Our eyes met and he silently told Jansen was correct in his thinking. He knew by the sounds of his moaning that he was enjoying this attention. Wanting to get him off as much as he wanted Jansen to, went down on him almost all the way, while lightly squeezing the hard base of his shaft. His cock swelled even more and pulsed as it filled the mouth. Wanna watch all of Colby Jansen porn videos – click here . His other hand crept downwards to his balls, and when they began to tighten Colby pulled back and began licking the underside of his swollen dick-head.

Faster and faster he licked. Harder and harder he drew him in. His hands, mouth and tongue worked perfect magic as Colby heard him let out one loud, long moan, "Ohhhh, man! I am gonna shoot off...!" Wanting to watch him cum, Colby pulled my mouth off Mike De Marko swollen dick and began giving him a hand-job from heaven while he squirted his warm cum all over his neck and face. He then slipped his dick back into my mouth to enjoy the last few spurts of semen he was releasing. Jansen completely lost himself right then and there. "Oh God! Oh, hot damn!", he kept saying as he shot the rest of his load into my eager mouth. "Oh God! I'm shooting off into your hot little mouth. This is awesome!" When my mouth fell away, he grabbed himself and squeezed out the very last drops of cum.Jansen's cries of pleasure sent me over the edge.

He fell back on the floor, shooting his own load as Colby fell. His hard dick was pointed straight up and his semen landed all over Mike De Marko shirt, blending with Jansen's load. His face, neck, and shirt were covered with cum that was making huge wet spots on MikeĀ“s shirt. Colby lay on the floor moaning through his own ejaculations, while Mike De Marko leaned against the wall repeating, "Oh God! Oh, damn!", over and over again. Colby think we both enjoyed ourselves. Check out his blog here

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